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What China’s Economic Resurgence Means for the Planet. Heatmap News. April 2023.

The Carbon Triangle. Phenomenal World. February 2023.

Interview: Jeremy Wallace on The Chinese State’s “Limited, Quantified Vision”. China Digital Times. December 2022.

Why protesters are targeting Xi Jinping for China’s ‘zero covid’ failures. Monkey Cage. November 2022.

Is China Losing GDP Religion?. The China Project. November 2022.

Xi’s First Steps in Power Signaled His Political Turn. Foreign Policy. November 2022.

Why China Aims Too High. Foreign Affairs. October 2022.

Spirals of Delusion (with Henry Farrell and Abe Newman). Foreign Affairs. August 2022.

The Ukraine War’s Shadow on China’s Road to Decarbonization. New Security Beat. May 2022.

 The Catastrophic Success of China’s zero-COVID policy. LA Times. May 2022.

Political Science, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change. The Strong Paw of Reason. January 2022.

Xi Jinping wants ‘common prosperity’ in China. He might not be able to make it happen. Monkey Cage. October 2021.

Numbers Aren’t Reality, but You Can’t Govern Without Them. Foreign Policy. December 2020.

Op-Ed: China’s Coronavirus Statistics Aren’t the Real Problem (with Jessica Chen Weiss). LA Times. April 2020.

China is reporting big successes in the coronavirus fight. Should we trust the numbers? Monkey Cage. March 2020.

Is Xi Jinping now a ‘leader for life,’ like Mao? Here’s why this is dangerous. Monkey Cage. February 2018.

Here’s why it matters that China is admitting that its statistics are ‘unreliable’. Monkey Cage. December 2015.

The political implications of China’s stock market crisis. Monkey Cage. August 2015.

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