Work in Progress

A list of some of my work in progress. My main research page is here.

“Cities for Whom: The 2017 Beijing Demolitions in Context”
(with Shiqi Ma)

“China, Climate Change, and the Challenge of Overlapping Orders” (with Christina Pan and Jessica Chen Weiss)

Political Incentives and Data Falsification: Evidence from China
(with Jiang Junyan)

International Relations and Commerce: Evidence from Boycott and Consumer Spending in China
(with Panle Jia Barwick, Shanjun Li, and Jessica Chen Weiss)

“Nationalism and Nativism: Varieties of Other in China”
(with Jessica Chen Weiss and R. Lincoln Hines)

Citizen Loyalty, Mass Protest, and Authoritarian Survival
(with Beatriz Magaloni)


A copy of my CV is here.