Chinese Vocabulary of the Day

CPPCC – Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Pinyin: Zhongguo renmin zhengzhi xieshang huiyi

The CPPCC is a political advisory body in the Chinese party-state system that includes members of United Front parties (which are separate and officially sanctioned yet generally regarded as being controlled by the CCP). CPPCCs exist at every level of government down to at least the county, that is, the national, provincial, prefectural, and county levels. (They may be in existence also in some townships and villages – I’ll report back.) What do the CPPCCs do? How do they fit in the system?

From Huang’s Inflation and Investment Controls in China:

Economic work conferences
经济工作会议 – jingji gongzuo huiyi

Conferences on industry and transportation
公交会议 – gongjiao huiyi

Provincial governors’ and mayors’ conferences
省长市长会议 – shengzhang shizhang huiyi

primary professional authority
一中央为主 – yi zhongyang wei2zhu3

Local government – 地方政府 – difang zhengfu
Province – 省 – sheng3
Central – 中央 – zhongyang
Central project – 中央项目 – zhongyang xiang4mu4
Responsible for – 负责安排 – fuze anpai
Total fixed asset investments – 固定资产投资 – guding zichan touzi
Capital construction – 基本建设投资 – jiben jianshe touzi
Technical renovation investments – 更新改造 – gengxin gaizao
‘verticality’ – 垂直 – chui2zhi2
“professional jurisdictions” – 业务权限 – quanxian

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