Chinese Vocabulary of the Day

More on laws, documents, and other political vocabulary:

draft – 法案,草案
Government bill – 政府议案
to pass a bill, to carry a bill – 通过议案
to enact a law, to promulgate a law – 颁布法律
ratification, confirmation – 批准
law enforcement – 法律的实施
decree – 法令
clause – 条款
minutes – 备忘录
report – 判例汇编
codification – 法律汇编
legislation – 立法
legislator – 立法者
legitimation – 合法化
legality, lawfulness – 法制,合法
legal, lawful – 合法的,依法的
to break a law – 违法
to abolish – 废止,取消
rescission, annulment – 废除,取消
immunity – 豁免,豁免权
constitutional law – 宪法
common law – 习惯法
criminal law – 刑法
administrative law – 行政法
civil law – 民法

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