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The following is my request for access to bureaus at the Provincial capital (Jinan 济南) and the city (Binzhou 兵州):

Research Plan for Jeremy Wallace in Jinan and Binzhou

In order to conduct my research, I plan to meet with the Government Finance Bureau, the National Tax Office, the Local Tax Office, the Corporate Restructuring Committee, and agricultural companies. I plan to ask questions about redistributive transfers, tax-for-fee reform, and other aspects of agricultural taxes. For instance, since 1994, how has the general system of fiscal and revenue-sharing contracts changed? How have the redistributive transfers changed? Also, I plan to ask about the implementation of the feigaishui reform and changes in how agricultural products and the factors of production are bought and sold. For example, who sells agricultural factors of production in Shandong and Binzhou? What is the history of the agricultural companies?


为了执行这项研究, 我计划采访在财政部,国税部,地税部,体改委和粮食公司。我计划问关于转移支付, 费改税的改革,还有别的农业水的问题。例如, 自从1994年以来收支分享合同有些什么样的变化?转移支付有些什么样的变化?而且我计划问关于费改税改革是如何实行的,
以及关于农产品和生产因素的买卖变化的问题。例如, 在(山东/兵州)里,谁卖生产农业因素?粮食公司历史是什么?

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