Property – Now with (perhaps more) Rights! (CDT) has a post on a Radio Free Asia (RFA) piece by Bao Tong about the recent property rights law that was passed by the NPC. He, not surprisingly, downplays the significance of the law’s passage, as is not surprising for a former high official under house arrest.

n.b. In China, without use of a proxy server, one cannot access CDT, RFA, Wikipedia, BBC News, or any number of other services (including oddly,, where papers and schedule for the Stanford comparative politics seminar reside. {Update: checking to make sure that the seminar’s page was still inaccessible led me to the happy discovery that it is no longer blocked. Thank you, Chinese internet police for allowing this part of the harmonious internet through to my apartment.}). Thank you, for letting me see the rest of the web.

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