Best sentence I have read today


Original source, here. Although to be honest, I like the translation (where I actually first saw the sentence) better:

For the highest plane of writing is consulting one’s own soul and facing the silence of nature.

Translation from

The author of the quote, Yu Qiuwu, is arguing against institution of a Chinese National Reading Day, in part because there already is an international reading day (April 23, apparently), but also because he thinks that we read too much. The profusion of interruptions in our “information age” from email and RSS and IM and SMS has filled our brains. Confucius and other scholars are greater than us because they read 10,000 times less than we do.

I agree that I read too much, but writing Political Science requires more reading about the state of the world than writing a novel does.
Update: It is being a political scientist rather than writing political science requires more reading. Writing still requires one to face the blank page and continually reading or even keeping track of developments in one’s areas of expertise can be a distraction from the writing. On the other hand, there is an expectation that political science students and especially professors know about real world politics. It is this aspect, the need to stay informed, that requires more reading on our part.

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