Fresh off the Firstview

Google reader is dead.

There was a time not so long ago that I would go through dozens of RSS feeds on a near daily basis using Google reader. Then google reader died. I set up feedly and digg reader but rarely used them. I realized that a subscription to Sinocism (support Sinocism!) already presented me with a great list of too many China news stories that I could read in a day anyway, so why go searching out more?

A few weeks ago, I was putting together a bibliography and clicking through to a journal’s website and saw that there was a new set of papers available online. And it hit me: academic papers. I subscribed to three dozen different journal feeds (some journals have multiple feeds), and by not checking my RSS, I was missing out. Perhaps I am not alone. To remedy this situation, I will regularly post a list of links to different academic papers that catch my eye.

1. What you don’t know can hurt you: Information, external transparency, and interstate conflict, 1982-1999

2. Separate and Suspicious: Local Social and Political Context and Ethnic Tolerance in Kenya

3. Congressmen in Exile: The Politics and Consequences of Involuntary Committee Removal

n.b. many/most of the links will be gated, but often one can find ungated versions using the search engine of your choice (google scholar is the best bet).

If I’ve missed a great paper that you know of (or wrote!), please let me know in the comments or on twitter (@jerometenk).

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