Names, numbers, and links

Someone mentioned to me yesterday that they had searched for my name and the link to my OSU site was broken.

My department, Ohio State‘s Department of Political Science, has redesigned its homepage and website. While the old site seemed fine to me, I understand that these things do need to be updated constantly, lest the department be banished to the piles of the uncool or unmodern where enrollments whither. The new website uses OSU’s system of name.# as the basis of URLs. While I understand that it is a large institution, there is something dehumanizing about simply being referred to as the 521st Wallace in the OSU database.

Unfortunately, a temporary consequence of this change is that google search results for my name are a bit disappointing as my OSU link is broken and my Yale page, where I had been a fellow at the MacMillan Center for the past two years, simply states “No people to display.” I suppose this is why academics set up their own websites, which I have done as well:

Alternative title, my name is my name.

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