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Resiliency, Vaccines, and Renewables

If the Covid crisis is a window into our climate change future as billionaire Bill Gates and journalist Emily Atkin have suggested, then it’s worth digging into this comparison. Deaths from the pandemic are down 1/3 from just a month ago as vaccines have become available and administered. In vaccine rollout’s early days, concerns centered […]

Names, numbers, and links

Someone mentioned to me yesterday that they had searched for my name and the link to my OSU site was broken. My department, Ohio State‘s Department of Political Science, has redesigned its homepage and website. While the old site seemed fine to me, I understand that these things do need to be updated constantly, lest […]

Multimedia Me

Watch me talking about my new book, Cities and Stability, while staring at a camera in a dark room. Thanks to Laura Chang and everyone at the Asia Society and ChinaFile for putting this together.

Yet Again, Hukou System Not Abolished

The Chinese government has announced, and media have reported, another round of hukou reform. Here’s the first paragraph from the China Daily story: Chinese migrant workers living in cities will gradually have full access to schools and hospitals where they work, a significant move to improve social equality between rural and urban residents. Triumph! The end […]


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